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May 7, 2012 3:00pm PDT
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: europe faced a potential new direction today after voters in france and greece rejected harsh austerity measures. good evening. i'm jeffrey brown. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, we get the latest on the weekend's elections, and what's at stake across the continent. >> brown: then we turn to the presidential contest here in the u.s., as vice president biden stirs new questions over the politics of same-sex marriage. >> ifill: spencer michaels reports on a trendy gourmet treat of the crunchy, crawly variety. >> these are huge. they're usually super abundant and very good to eat. i can put it in barbecue. >> brown: and margaret warner examines the trial of five 9-11 suspects arraigned in a military courtroom on saturday. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the at&t network-- a living, breathing intelligence bringing people together to bring new ideas to life. >> look, it's so simple. >> in a year, the bright minds from inside and o
May 14, 2012 9:30am PDT
, would just celebrated his 60th birthday, mayor ed lee. mayor lee: thank you, and they are brown, and thank you, everybody, for coming. -- thank you, mayor brown, and thank you, everybody, for coming. the years that followed the san francisco earthquake were filled with grandiose plans to rebuild our city. perhaps the best realize is the san francisco memorial -- war memorial and performing arts center. the ground was broken to build the war memorial in honor of san franciscans who had served during world war i. in addition to honoring those veterans, the memorial gave a permanent residence to the opera, the symphony, and eventually, the ballet. the war memorial and performing arts center has great historic significance, including housing, the signing ceremony of our united nations charter in 1945. today, we are making history erosity and support of mr. and mrs. stephen bechtel. with a grant of $1.5 million -- [applause] from there foundation and in honoring charlotte and george shultz, we are that much closer to fulfilling the original vision of the war memorial complex, which w
May 1, 2012 4:30pm PDT
't know what would best fit jennifer. she has not only under mayor lee but also mayor gavin brown -- newsom. [laughter] now lieutenant governor under mayer brown bossed governor brown -- now the lieutenant governor under gov. brown. she is the director of the department of economic and workforce development. please welcome her. [applause] >> i don't know what the equivalent is but i think i am more the taskmaster, safe driver. still ginsberg, the director of the park, thank you. we would not be here today without leadership and guidance of the port commission represented by kimberly brandon. the director of the office and workforce development, my duties include the interest and development, business attraction and retention, small business development, international trade and commerce and workforce development. when you listen to the job description, you understand why this is so important. this is not only a breathtaking spectator event that will mark us internationally, this touches on nearly every aspect of what we do to improve the economic climate of san francisco. the ameri
May 14, 2012 2:00pm PDT
mayor. >> thank you, mayor willie brown. it is an honor to be with you on this occasion. it is very appropriate to name a facility after george and charlotte. san francisco is home for many important people, but none made as great a contribution to our country as george shultz. charlotte has given great service to our city and our state. i believe all year extend a great thanks to them for their great services to our country, to california, and to san francisco. i would like to complement our city for recognizing at them in this manner -- i would like to compliment our city for recognizing the - manner. thank you very much. [applause] that of mayor -- >> mayor lee, the time has come. join me and proceed to do the dedication of horseshoe drive, which has been dedicated by the opera house board in honor of george and charlotte schulz. mayor lee: it is my pleasure joining all of you to announce this dedication on behalf of our city, on behalf of the war memorial, dedicating this carriageway to be charlotte and george shultz way of san francisco. [applause] horseshoe drive. [applause]
May 13, 2012 7:30am PDT
. happy mother's day. >> a lot of hot topics out there, we go with our political insiders willie brown and gavin newsom with the evolution of the president's pronouncement this week on gay marriage. we will sit down with an expert and talk about will the primary shake up the numbers >> the latest on the biggest bike race in the u.s., starting this morning in santa rosa. a lot of trouble in sacramento. >> gov. jerry brown says the state's budget deficit is even worse than expected, nearly twice the previous estimate of $9 billion. >> now we expect even more cuts when the governor releases details on his revised proposal tomorrow. >> even as the governor was getting his tax hike to officials, he was warning that the new taxes would not be enough. >> tax receipts are coming in lower than expected and the federal government and the courts have blocked us from making billions of dollars in necessary budget reductions. the result is that we are now facing a $16 billion hole, not $9 billion we fought in january >> the state has spent $2.1 billion more than expected to spend. the governor blam
May 23, 2012 6:00pm PDT
'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight: we have the latest on this historic day, coming 15 months after the ouster of president hosni mubarak. >> ifill: then, we look at the facebook fallout as the social media giant's market debut falters out of the gate. >> brown: we have two on-the- ground reports on europe's economic troubles from spain and greece, where austerity measures are hitting home for ordinary citizens. >> ifill: we examine the iran nuclear talks in baghdad as world powers float a proposal to curb tehran's enrichment program. >> brown: and we close with the diamond anniversary of an american treasure. spencer michels has the story of building san francisco's golden gate bridge. >> it's not all celebration, a 75-year-old controversy has flared anew over who should get the credit for designing this spectacular bridge. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by
May 25, 2012 8:30pm PDT
of a still look for california. -- loomost of us still look to california. what governor brown said about the traditional politics is all about taking the thing in making it fresh. to a certain extent, i tried to be a writer in college. i failed miserably. a professor said everything has been set but not everything has been said superbly. even if it had, everything must be said freshly again and again. you have to see a fresh lead to a certain extent. the real issue with -- in terms of asking the president, what are the things that matter most, a bass part of those profits would be invested in california. colorado would have a significant -- pretty much every state in the country would benefit. you look at the companies based in silicon valley. they have offices, you want to expand your business, think about those young people in colorado. everything -- stated say the same thing. that money would get spent over the country very rapidly. >> thank you. governor brown. >> it is a good idea to bring back that $1 trillion sitting out there. how to do that, it remains to be seen. but then that
May 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
a ridiculous can of -- [mic turned off] [applause] >> my name is tracy brown. i wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. it is hard for me to come out and speak at a 11:00 at night. there are a lot of other people who would love to be here. i worked on his campaign. it was a great campaign. we were successful at getting him collected. when he did win, all of the kids i work with, they said, finally, you won an election. [laughter] i have campaigned my life -- my entire life. it is my folly. -- value. crime reduction, the way we deal with homeless. the way we deal with this is also a san francisco value. i am pleased with how the session went. i have faith in our system. ross has been there for the people. he has heard our voices. i do not have to explain that. there were some voices that were not heard. as a woman, i have to say, if this was my family put on trial, i would be devastated. i hope that you, as people to support women, you look at what she is going through. hear her voice and allow her voice to a marriage. you heard a lot about ross. you have not heard about his
May 16, 2012 12:30am PDT
. speaker brown and mr. speaker scott. >> good morning. my name is sharon and i'm vice chair of the district 11 council and a 4 year resident which is located in the heart of district 11. i do not come forward to test by earlier because my neighborhood has never seriously been in danger of being split into another district. but i wanted to take this last opportunity to speak, to publicly thank the task force for not just listening to the public, but to actually hearing all the folks who came to testify. and for your commitment to keeping neighborhoods whole. for you reuniting the other neighborhoods that were split 10 years ago. i also wanted to thank the consultants and kay for all their work in getting the draft maps and the boundaries up on the website so quickly. and lastly i would like to thank any fellow council members who came to testify so passionately but respectfully for their neighborhoods in district 11. so far we have only lost population in those areas we all agreed to sacrifice to keep district 11 whole. it is an honor to serve with them on the council and to have them as fr
May 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
brown. look forward to that. we're going to begin with that severe weather, including tropical storm beryl. really putting a damper on the holiday plans of millions of americans. the weather channel's mike seidel is in jacksonville beach, florida, this morning. mike, good morning to you. >> and good morning, savannah, from triple digit heat in parts of the midwest to the hottest may weather on record in that part of the country to the second tropical storm of the season, four days before the official start of the hurricane season, millions of americans are enduring some extreme weather this holiday weekend. with maximum sustained winds just below hurricane force, tropical storm beryl made landfall just after midnight near jacksonville, florida, where city officials canceled all outdoor memorial day events. >> everything is going to be shut down. we're really preparing for this tropical storm, and it's all about safety. we want people safe through this storm. >> reporter: from florida to south carolina, the tropical storm has whipped up the surf. creating dangerous rip currents. dozen
May 13, 2012 2:00am PDT
billion deficit at the beginning of the year has now nearly doubled. governor brown is telling voters to raise taxes or there will be severe cuts. >> next weekend seniors at san set to gradgrad wait but students with more time to go are bracing for here cuts in higher tuition. students are thinking about finding another parttime job. >> i might need to get one more parttime job even the i'm already working 15 hours now. >> this latest jolt came from governor brown who announced the $9 billion budget deficit preticketed in january has now ballooned to $16 billion. he says tax revenues have not increased as much as expected because the economy has not bounced back. the governor used the opportunity to make another sales pitch for his november tax initiative. >> the plan, asks high income earners to pay up to 3% more in their income seven for seven years. it will increase sales taxes by one-fourth of one percent for four years. >> without the tax hike the governor is warning of deep cuts to public safety and social service programs as well as to california colleges and schools. the san f
May 21, 2012 7:00pm PDT
francisco passer was part of that vote. >> this nation is a democracy. >> dr. amos brown is on the board that passed the resolution in support of gay marriage rights. saw stand he says that tries to separate religious views from religious rights. >> this does not mean that this state -- this nation -- any faster. you must marry the person of same sex. >> comes just as controversy over gay marriage rights has caused deep divisions in african-american movie. >> goes against many african- americans that oppose gay marriage. >> six out of 10 oppose gay marriage as a principal and rooted in the african-american church. >> ap or african persons decide to support recently taken the stand in support of gay marriage rights. it's about time for the black community to have a deep dialogue. >> i think it's a good step. i think it long over new that it's being addressed. >> dr. brown said but supports it as a civil rights issue and question is whether others will agree with him come november. reporting live in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. >> students plan to hold a vigil tonight to push for a m
May 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
read a single at " black and brown bullies. but the superintendent says it's for their on good. did way to present evidence in the brands tokays when one of the suspect said mrs. mumbai after this attack u.s. hear the phone call. did place a hold of you? born on the seventh of december 19th. a super certain group of people who live and usually a long help the allies. >>> we think it's normal the personality traits they share that doctors believe could be the secrets to longevity. did waves a area school district says is a way to make sure that no child is left behind. but some parents are saying it's racist. this display is in more than one dozen teachers rooms and the reeds keeping the are black and brown boys in mind. what does that mean? robert lyles the story only see on cbs five. did police i personally would change the picture is worth a thousand words and how many words to these all the elementary parents students summoned after looking at more than surrounded by the slogan. they can have used more appropriate wording. typically and seen some kind of racism. did wake you think t
May 8, 2012 5:30pm PDT
on east coast, judge browning made me a job offer. for those of you did not know him, he was a legal giant. if you visit the ninth circuit court house building, you will find his name on the james browning courthouse building. judge browning was appointed in 1961 to the ninth circuit by president john f. kennedy. he held the bible at kennedy's inauguration. he became the appeals court law asserting judge before taking senior status in 2000. during his tenure as chief judge, the ninth circuit was transformed from a republican majority to a democratic majority. judge browning is well known for countless opinions over the decades. i want to say, for those of us about the opportunity to clerk for him, he taught us analytical judgment, taught us how to be progressive and independent comment and taught us how important it is to stand for civility, humility, and decency. that is far easier said than done. on behalf of all of us to have the honor for working for judge browning, i want to thank him for that. i have two separate pieces of legislation. one is around the chinese hospital. the chinese
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 833 (some duplicates have been removed)